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Historic Town Hall Amberg Museum

News and Events

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  • Next meeting of membership is Monday, August 13 at the Amberg Community Center at 6:30 PM.

  • New roof for Old Town Hall outhouse.

  • Check out the new photo history of the grand room upstairs in the Old Town Hall.

Addition to Saloon Exhibit

The Society purchased a Carl Fischer player piano. It has been repaired, tuned, and is ready for action. Come visit the museum and listen to lively music while you get some exercise pumping the pedals of the piano. It is fun to hear and good for your health.

Projects for 2018

The 1930 kitchen exhibit work will continue. The  Heritage House will get new siding and shutters. The updating of the Amberg depot exhibit will continue in the summer. There are also plans to remodel the front of the museum building. That is a lot of work! More volunteers are always welcome. E-mail the Society if you would like to help.

Much Accomplished  in 2017 Thanks to Volunteers

Like many historical societies, the Amberg Historical Society depends upon volunteers. This year was no exception. Volunteers added the Genealogy link to the website, remodeled the bathroom, constructed storage, put a new metal roof on the carriage house, began work on a new 1930 kitchen in the Old Town Hall, put a new roof on the Old House porch, moved the outhouse to a new location, repaired the electrical service, and started work on updating the Amberg depot exhibit. Most important, volunteers faithfully kept the doors open throughout the season guiding hundreds of visitors. Thank volunteers for all your help!

Society Meetings

Meetings of the historical society are the second Monday of each month beginning in April and continuing through November at the Amberg Community Center. All interested persons are always welcomed. Meetings begin at 6:30 PM with refreshments following.