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Identification card with picture of the Amberg Granite Company (American Granite Company) large stone building, 410 feet long by 100 feet wide. Equipment consisted of two overhead steam travelers and all necessary equipment to cut and polish the granite stone take from the Argyle, Martindale, and Aberdeen quarries. In the shed were 65 stone cutters and 15 drillers. Including the quarries there were about 300 workers. The stone shed was built in 1888 and razed in 1922.
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Card, Identification
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Amberg Stone Shed
Amberg Granite Company
American Granite Company
Amberg Granite Company
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This huge building was built in about one year. Notice the stumps of trees still standing. In this finishing shed large granite stones were cut into smaller pieces suitable for buildings such as the Capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Why do you think the building was built so close to the train?
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American Granite Co. ShedAmerican Granite Co. Shed