Hubert Duca Blacksmith Shop :

Hubert Duca built a blacksmith shop in Amberg in 1894. He learned the trade at the age of 18 years and continued the trade until his death in 1934. He shoed horses, set rims on wagon wheels, built sleighs, and even built a leg brace for one of his children who was born with a club foot. Shoeing horses was dangerous work. Some uncooperative horses had to have restraining straps attached to prevent injury. Henry became deathly ill from exposure to poison ivy from the hooves of horses that had stepped on the plants. The exhibit contains an original chair from the blacksmith shop, blacksmith tools, and a few other tools possibly found in a early twentieth century blacksmith shop.

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Hubert Duca Blacksmith Shop
Print, PhotographicDuca Family
Chair, Captain'sDuca Blacksmith Shop Chair