Amberg School Exhibit

The Amberg School exhibit consists mostly of artificats collected from the Amberg School (1913-1993). Originally the school had all grades plus two years of high school. The first graduating class was in 1934 and the last class to graduate was in 1960. The school continued to be in operation until 1993 as part of the Wausaukee School Distirct. The town of Amberg also had twelve rural schools. A pictorial history from a collection of photographs obtained by the historical society have been composed in the book, Amberg School Memories, available at the museum store.

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Amberg School Exhibit
MapAmberg School Map of the U.S.
Commemorative1958 AHS Prom
Box, AccessoryPencil Box
Ring, ClassAmberg High School Class Ring
Bell, SchoolMathis School Bell