Lumbering Exhibit

The lumbering exhibit includes artifacts left from the lumbering industry. In 1827-1898 there were 27 lumbering camps in the Amberg area. Before the coming of the railroad the Menominee River Boom Company created dams on the Pike River to move logs to the mills in Menominee and Marinette. About 1915 four large lumber companies had warehouses in Amberg where supplies were unloaded from freight trains and four-horse teams would deliver supplies to local camps. Come visit our museum to see more items in the lumbering exhibit.

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Lumbering Exhibit
Cookstove, WoodJewett's Surprise Wood Cook Stove
Saw, ChainTitan Chain Saw
Scribe, TimberTimber Scribe
Tongs, SkiddingSkidding Tongs