General Stores : Town of Amberg

The Town of Amberg had three general stores by 1900. The original Wright Brothers Store was built in 1884. They sold groceries, feed, hay, housewares, and hardware. The store also supplied five area logging camps. The Meyer Corn Store was next to the Wright Brothers Store. His motto was "I am here to do business, not rob you." The third store was south of the main business block. It was owned by George Robinson. They advertised it was the only place in town you could get your money's worth. On a Friday evening in August of 1903 the main business block of Amberg was completely destroyed by fire. Both Meyer Corn and the Wright Brothers had to rebuild their businesses. The Robinson General Store escaped the disaster. The store would later by owned by Andrew Redeman who sold it to John and Doris Downing 1937. The building was used as a Youth Center in the 1950's and then remodeled into an apartment building. In 1940 the Downings purchased the Isaac Corn building and opened a Rite Way General Store which by 1950 became a Red Owl Agency store. The building was later used for the Amberg Post Office. The Wright Brothers Store building burned again on December 19, 1984. It had been used as an I.G.A. grocery store. It was not rebuilt putting an end to 100 years of being used as a grocery store. Browse through the online display that portrays the partial story of the general stores in Amberg. For more detailed information visit the General Store Exhibit at the Amberg Museum Complex.

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General Stores
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