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The Museum

Come see the unique quarrying exhibit which features a pictorial history of the quarrying in Amberg, a collection of quarrying tools, and other memorabilia. One of the highlights is the original derrick from the August Paveglio Quarry.

Listen to the informative and often humorous tales presented in a slide show that is part of the gallery of pioneer photographs.

Relax in the reading area browsing through local news articles, the Amberg High School yearbooks, and other "readable history." Explore the museum multimedia catalog filled with informative information about the collections. Part of the catalog may be viewed and searched on the museum web site.

When you visit the lumbering exhibit, look up at the collection of chainsaws hanging down from the ceiling, or see if you can identify some of the logs stamped during the river drives.

Guided tours of the museum complex are available upon request or choose to explore on your own. You may hear some interesting tales of the past. Listen to some of the tales of the past online.

Open Friday 1-4 PM
Open Saturdays 10 AM-4 PM
Memorial Day - Labor Day
Located at N15065 Grant Street


The Museum Complex

  • The Main Museum contains exhibits on quarrying, logging, veterans, farming, local business, churches and organizations, Native American culture, a blacksmith shop, and the reading area.
  • The Historic Town Hall includes a general store, sewing room, school room, and the town office.
  • The Old House is furnished with local artifacts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • The original Amberg Railroad Depot contains railroad artifacts from the Milwaukee and Northern Railroad which later became known as The Milwaukee Road.
  • The Carriage House contains a restored 1931 Model A Sedan and a horse sleigh and carriage.
  • Cedarville Depot with interactive displays on hobos, the flag stop, and community history.

Genealogy Research

For those interested in genealogical research check out the online listing of the Amberg Cemetery, or come and browse through the collection of area obituaries or school records in the reading room.

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