Historic Town Hall Amberg Museum

Audio Tour

An optional audio tour of the Amberg Museum contains intesting stories and events retold from the history of Amberg. The following are a few samples.

"Mosquitoes Through Key Holes"
narrated by Lee Pullen

Aberdeen Quarry

The Aberdeen Quarry

The Aberdeen boarding house was built for the quarry workers at the Aberdeen Quarry in Amberg about 1888. After a hard day of work the boarders had to deal with mosquitoes at night.

"Amberg at Play "narrated by Carol Fick

Brush in 4th of July Parage

The first car in Amberg, a Brush,
was the pride of the 4th of July parade.

There was much merriment in the Town of Amberg during the late 1890's and early 1900.

Surprise of Frank Beaver
narrated by Lee Pullen

White Rapids Indian Cemetery

White Rapids Indian Cemetery

 "The young Indian maiden handed him a soiled piece of paper." The census taker was completely surprized.

A Bride for Jack Underwood
narrated by Kenneth Jones

1894 house

House from 1896 in Amberg

Will Trask was elected town clerk for two terms in 1895 and 1896. One event he would not forget!

The City Dude
narrated by Kenneth Jones

Dow Dam

Dow Dam as it appeared in 1889

The river drivers used Dow Dam to play a joke on the city dude who came to Amberg in 1889.

The Tale of the Upset Lumber Camp Cook
narrated by Lee Pullen


Early lumber camp

Tale tales were common in the lumber camps.

The Great Fire
narrated by Chuck Fick

Commerical Hotel

Commercial Hotel in Amberg about 1902

The Commerical Hotel was one of the buildings destroyed in the fire on August 14, 1903. Unable to stop the horrific fire, town residents decided to have a party!

Good Old School Days
narrated by Carol Fick

First Amberg School

First School in Amberg about 1895.

Student cooks could spoil the lunch.