Historic Town Hall Amberg Museum

Tales of the Past

The following tales are samples from the archives, the catalog, and displays of the Amberg Historical Museum.

The Tale of "Pig Iron Mike"
as told by John Downing...

Amberg Depot

"Pig Iron Mike" was an engineer
for the "Cooper Country Limited Train.

John Downing (1905-1998) was a founder of the Amberg Historical Society. More of his tales are written in the book, "John Downing's Amberg Recollections" and are included in a multimedia presentation in the museum.

"Steam Jennies "as told by John Downing...

Steam Jennies

Amberg Granite Company Stone Shed
Steam hoist at top of photograph.

The steam jenny was the steam engine that operated the steam hoist.

Grandma Matson's Broom
as told by John Downing...

Grandma Matson's Boarding House

Grandma Matson's Boarding House

"She kept him right ahead of her, you know, and whacked him with that broom."

Hobo Signs in Cedarville
as told by Mary Luczak

Cedarville Station

The Cedarville Station served the Chicago,
Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad.

Mary Luczak lived near Cedarville Station as a young girl and recalls some of her experiences with the hobos in the year 1938.

Original recollections of John Downing recorded and transcribed by Florence Churchill in 1994.