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 Amberg Genealogy


The Amberg Historical Society has three online genealogical resources. The first consists of vital records compiled from existing Amberg town records. Another is a collection of Obituaries: collected from local newspapers. The last consists of searchable digital copies of the Amberg High School yearbook, the Granite  City Chips.

Amberg Depot

Vital Records


Each record lists the full name, date & place of birth, sex; name of father, age, place of birth, occupation; name of mother, age, and place of birth.

   1907    1909
   1908    1910



Each record lists the name of the groom, place of birth, age, occupation; father, place of birth, mother, place of birth; name of bride, place of birth, age, father, place of birth, mother, place of birth, date & place of marriage.

   October 1, 1907 - Oct. 31, 1908
   April 1909 - 1910



Each record lists name, date & place of birth, date of death, age at death, occupation; father & place of birth; mother, place of birth; date and place of burial.

   October 1, 1907 - October 31, 1908
   November 1908 - 1910



Listed below are the alphabetical lists of all the names contained in each obituary collection. The numbers identify the collection that is found in the museum archives. The collection may also be searched at the museum using the catalog. The museum catalog will identify all collections that contain obituaries with the same name.

   2012.1    2013.41
   2012.2    2014.1
   2012.3    2016.15
   2012.64    2016.16


Amberg School Students & Graduates:

Search digital copies of the Amberg High School Yearbooks contained in the museum collection beginning in the year 1939 through 1960.

Search alphabetical  listing of Amberg High School Graduates, 1934-1960.